Data Sets

How to download NC TOWER Data

The data available in NC TOWER can be downloaded in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format for further reporting and analysis. Some data has been suppressed (hidden) to protect the privacy of students and employers. A value of -1 represents a suppressed value of a record. Due to their size, these data sets can not be opened in basic spreadsheet software packages. New data will be added to NC TOWER on an annual basis.


Community College System

Community Colleges Graduates Counts
Community Colleges Graduates Main Outcomes
Community Colleges Graduates Enrollment by Type
Community Colleges Graduates Employment by Industry


UNC System 

UNC Graduates Counts
UNC Graduates Main Outcomes
UNC Graduates Enrollment by Type
UNC Graduates Employment by Industry


DPI System 

DPI Graduates Counts
DPI Graduates Main Outcomes
DPI Graduates Enrollment by Type
DPI Graduates Employment by Industry